This is the social network ERA

Whether it’s culture, politics, economics, and many other aspects of life; social networks are revolutionizing and shaping the face of the world. Some are losing from it while others benefit greatly and are able to take advantage of their social media usage.

Pample Group helps you analyze, react proactively, grow and take the lead on developments taking place on your social networks.

Social Media in APAC


APAC is home to nearly 60% - 4.5 billion -of the world's population.

Active internet users

APAC has the highest number of internet users.

Social media Users

APAC has the highest number of social media users.

Social Media Celebrities are now determining marketing campaigns’ successes


Social Media Celebrities enable marketers to touch new customers and allow brands to further develop in untapped and fast growing markets by increasing and maximizing their reach.


Because followers have higher trust in Social Media Celebrities than in corporate organizations, they are highly regarded sources of product information and have tremendous commercial impacts."


Just as societies, consumers are extremely diverse and hard to grasp. Social Media Celebrities help brands to deeply increase their understanding and to target specific customers through their followers.

1.8 B +

Active internet users

1.4 B +

Active social media users

44 %

Internet users

35 %

Social media users

How can Pample Group help you ?

Pample is the first APAC-focused marketing platform that streamlines social network management; By combining all the necessary information to help you lead and analyze your content strategies. Pample enables Social Media Celebrities and brands to meet in one place and eventually to begin a marketing business relationship. Pample matches you with many brands reflecting your vision and identity.

Understand your audience

Understanding your follower’s exact demography (age, gender, language, location, etc.) will enable you to tailor-made the content you spread on diverse social networks.

Satisfy your followers

Knowing how your audience (followers, reach, feedbacks) evolve on a constantly updated basis will allow you to identify trends and market developments.


Compare your social media KPIs to those of other Social Media Celebrities and understand how to improve and develop your online social media impact.

Get specific recommendations

When unusual patterns occur on your social networks, you will be informed and given recommendations on how to answer those developments.

Find Brands

Constantly research new brands on a tailor made platform, which will lead you to potential future and new business relationships.


You are entering a one stop platform that enables you to understand your influence, your followers and to grow your income through an endless flow of new marketing campaigns.