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Post campaigns on our job marketplace to reach hundreds of curated influencers in all categories. Get influencers that want your job right in your inbox in a matter of hours. Browse detailed influencers audience data to take your decisions.

No middle man

Manage the relationship or mandate Pample to manage it, you choose. No more hidden agency commissions.

Live campaign analytics

See how posts perform at scale and live on your dashboard. Take informed decisions based on past campaigns.


Work with acclaimed local and international brands

We partner with brands you will love and be proud to work with. Our brands partner trust us and our influencers network to relay their voice and message in our own and unique ways.

Grow your audience

Get exposure by working with world class or niche brands. Get analytics on your audience and understand what they like.

Get paid fast

Enter your bank account data and get paid automatically.

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Brands & Marketers

Pample allows you to track your social media accounts' evolution in an all-in-one social marketing platform. Get access to tons of meaningful insights, trends and analysis, and start optimizing your content strategy.
Pample collects data from all your accounts and lists hundreds of critical metrics updated each days allowing you to understand what you're doing right, and what you're doing wrong.


Social media celebrities & Bloggers

Pample helps you grow your fanbase and understand your audience faster than ever by identifing your top performing contents and trends. We produce insights based on your data to let you know how your content resonates with the people you are reaching.
How many people are you speaking with ? Who are they ? Where do they come from ? What do they like ? Pample brings you all those answers, allowing you to communicate better and to become a professional community leader.

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